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Your annual Termite Inspection is now due.

Why is an annual Termite Inspection essential?

  • The CSIRO recommends a termite inspection on an annual basis at the very least, to ensure your home is safe from termites.
  • Early detection of termite activity is essential to avoid large scale damage and expensive repairs - termites can devalue a home by up to 25%..
  • Termites are extremely difficult to locate; they are often subterranean, burrowing in from the ground underneath your home or through your wall cavities.
  • Our expert technicians are trained to identify the early signs of termites as well as the conditions that make a property more susceptible to timber pests.
  • An annual Termite Inspection provides you with peace of mind that if termites attack your home, they are more likely to be found early and damage minimised**

How a Rentokil Termite Inspection works

A Rentokil Termite Inspection detects termite activity early and ensures your home is protected against long term damage. A termite inspection can help assess whether your property is susceptible to termites and find ways to reduce risk of attack.

You will receive a comprehensive inspection of your home. Our Termite Control Technicians use their experience and professional training to give you peace of mind from termites.

A solution you can trust

Our inspections:

You will receive a comprehensive treatment of your home, including your roof void, sub-floor and external areas. Our local expert Technicians use their experience and professional training to give you peace of mind from pests:

  • Use local knowledge: Rentokil’s Termite Control Technicians are required to train regularly with in-depth local expertise, so they always know what’s going on in your area.
  • Qualify for the Rentokil Termite Warranty: Have peace of mind all the time against termites, with our Termite Warranty. Rentokil has been protecting homes in Australia for over 85 years, and we are proud to be protecting yours.

*Terms & conditions apply.

** Rentokil cannot guarantee against termite damage. High risk homes will require Termite Inspections more than once per year. Talk to your Rentokil expert about whether more inspections are required for your home.

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