How to prevent the widespread virus called ‘Zika’

The Philippines is now in threat of being subdued by the virus known as the Zika Virus and it’s ‘spreading explosively’ according to the World Health Organization. The disease is transmitted by the daytime-active Aedes aegypti mosquito, the same mosquito that transmits dengue. 

Zika symptoms are almost the same as the dengue virus only milder; this includes rashes, red-eyes, low-grade fever and flu-like symptoms. Most cases, when a person is inflicted with the disease they won’t even know they are in the influence of the Zika Virus. 

The Zika Fever maybe new to some ears but it has actually been around for greater that 60 years, originating from the Zika forest in Uganda, and in fact there was an outbreak reported during 2007, although there are no reported deaths one should still be vigilant in preventing the spread of the disease, moreover with the population and current presence of the Aedes aegypti in the Philippines, this makes us even more susceptible to the disease spread. 

This phenomena might be daunting but we’re actually on our way to prevent Zika since it’s the same measures we take when preventing dengue and a more integral approach is to use the advice of The Department of Health called “4S”: 

  • Search and Destroy – eliminate pockets of stagnant water even the extreme small amounts. 
  • Self-Protection – wearing long apparels and using mosquito repellant 
  • Seeking Early Consultation 
  • Selective use of fogging 

Although it’s impossible to eradicate the entire mosquito population and using old-fashioned ways like applying DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) a chemical that is used as an insecticide, that would only inoculate the mosquitoes from it and make them resistant and immune from the insecticide not to mention that it can cause environmental damage. We could decrease their numbers and control the mosquitoes with these four ways. 

One must bear in mind that there are no current known vaccine or treatment for this Zika Fever so it’s highly recommended that you protect yourselves from this disease by acquiring the assistance of a local mosquito control provider and here at Rentokil we are amiable to lend you our aid in mosquito control with our Integrated Mosquito Management solution, through eliminating mosquito breeding ground, larviciding and thermal fogging. 

You may call our Toll Free hotline 1-800- 10 EXPERTS (397 3787) or our local line 333- 5888 to avail of our assistance in Mosquito Control. 

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